Teaching English in Shanghai China for one year is a great way to immerse oneself in the culture and language of China while making a valuable contribution to the society. 

Requirements for Working in Shanghai:

  1. Bachelors Degree
  2. Native English Speaker
  3. TEFL Certified Teacher with at least 2-yrs Teaching Experience
  4. Medical Eligibility  (No chronic disease or illness)
  5. At least 1 year having lived or worked abroad previously

Salary and Benefits of Working Abroad in China:

Salary is based on your experience, your education, your location in China and the number of periods you work each week.  Typically, a qualified person can earn between 8,000 - 12,000 Yuan/Month teaching English in Shanghai China. 

Workload - The Number of Academic Periods Worked Each Week:

A typical workload for a public school is between 18 and 23 hours per week.  Each period is 45 minutes.

The average number of hours worked in a private school is between 24-36 hours.

How to Apply?

You may click on any one of the links on this page to gather more information on how to apply to teach in China.  You may also want to visit journeyeast.org and speak with a representative about placement options.